How To Make 3D Photo Zoom Effect Tutorial | Instagram Viral Dolly Zoom Trending Reel Editing Capcut App

How To Make 3D Photo Zoom Effect Tutorial | Instagram Viral Dolly Zoom Trending Reel Editing Capcut App

You Might Have Come Across Viral 3D Photo Zoom Effect on Instagram Reel, and maybe you’ve thought of making one. whenever you’ll search for the tutorial of these type of viral 3d photo zoom effect then you will found an app name “capcut” is used to make a viral reel like these.

but there is a catch it’s 3d photo zoom effect is only found only in some regions as per the day i’m writing this blog and in many region the android app is also not available on the play store. so this blog is mainly for the people are finding it hard on how to use this 3d photo zoom effect.

Steps To Edit Viral 3d photo zoom effect:

firstly, you have to download the app from here. Then You Have To Follow along with the steps mentioned below:

Step 1: Download any VPN app and open it and connect (you can download it from the play store).

connect to any vPN

Step 2: Now Open the CapCut app.
Step 3: Click on create a new project.

Click on new project

Step 4: Select and add your images to make 3D Photo Zoom Effect.

Step 5: Swipe left bottom sections, then tap on Format >> select 9:16. As shown below.

Step 6: Now set all images at the center using two fingers.

Step 7: Click on Add Audio and add your music.

Step 8: Now adjust images duration beat-wise. As shown below screenshot.

Adjust Images Duration Beat-Wise

Step 9: Add 3d zoom effect. By clicking image >> Style >> 3d Zoom. Apply this effect on each image.

Click Image >> Style >> 3d Zoom

Step 10: Then Export, Instagram Viral 3d photo zoom effect Trending Reel

Now you can Export or do more customization like add Red or Blue border, or add particle video, or add any other text, or add some png, or Bollywood Song, etc.

Final Words:

Hope you’ve learned something today!! so what are you waiting for make some viral 3d photo zoom effect viral instagram reels using the methods. and for more instagram, photography, photo editing, video production and tips and tricks related stuff keep visiting our blog.

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