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How to Block YouTube Ads Android [2021 Update]

Block YouTube Ads Android in 2021: YouTube is gradually becoming an “adtube” and there’s nothing funny about it. By encouraging the favored bloggers to uncontrollably monetize their efforts, the platform got its video ads out of hand. Even TV doesn’t force us to observe five commercials during one news piece! This leads to an excellent distrust bordering with pure hate: both to the advertised goods and YouTube itself. But we aren’t here to moralize or to show advertisers the way to do their business. What we will change is that the number of ads we see while watching our favourite YouTube shows. I did an honest little bit of research to seek out out the way to block ads on YouTube. Let’s undergo all the possible solutions to ascertain what suits you best.

types of New Frustrating youtube ads:

1. YouTube Audio Ads – The Newest Level of Annoyance:

While still in beta, YouTube audio ads are real. It’s just a matter of your time when you’re getting to encounter one. 15-seconds long “sound plus picture” commercials were designed to succeed in those calmly taking note of music or podcasts within the background. No wonder, since consistent with the most recent information, over half all YouTube queries are music-related.

To keep this dubious initiative going, music on the world’s top streaming service are going to be categorized by genres and also compiled into playlists or collections. this manner advertisers can target the audio ads they buy. YouTube marketers see this as an incredible opportunity to compete with Spotify for the ad market share. Users see it as one more reason to abandon the platform.

2. Non-Skippable Video Ads:

“Not a bug but a feature” would shamelessly answer some YouTube marketer. Indeed, unskippable ads may be a relatively novel ad format that was introduced first in 2018 then gradually became a replacement normal. Not for us, though. These ads appear now at any point within the video and their length increased from modest 5 seconds to outstanding 20 seconds in only a few of years!

While sharing the worst expectations of the unskippable ads soon becoming longer than a show itself, users also criticize the standard of such commercials. Poorly targeted, ads tell us about the health risks of smoking once we never touched a cigarette or show horrible close-ups of skin problems to completely healthy people. Such images aren’t pleasant to ascertain and yes, you can’t skip them anymore either.

3. Two Consecutive Video Ads One-By-One:

If YouTube employees ever plan to fix this, you’d see three ads during a row instead. Of course, they came up with perfect reasoning: users will enjoy having their video interrupted less frequently, so let’s play our ads back-to-back! What a kindness. Now we’ve to observe two videos during a row first then some more mid-roll ads, thank you, YouTube.

Oh, did we mention that during a ll|one amongst|one in every of”> one among two ads in a row is unskippable? you’re welcome, dear user. Next time your ads will last forever, and this is often how.

4. Whole Music Video as an ad:

YouTube nowadays has become a platform where both goofy advertisers and mediocre musicians can meet one another to form something truly horrible. like 3 to five minutes-long music videos shown to the audience, which never asked for it, as a pre-roll ad. Watching one among these the user might think that good old 15 seconds-long commercials from back within the days weren’t regrettable .

You might think, what’s the purpose of showing me this if I hear absolutely different music? But they know what they’re doing. More views from real people give the way for these artists to the highest of all charts and for his or her marketers — to the new levels of income. Who cares about the Audience Award, really.

5. Unknown Creators YouTube Stories:

YouTube Stories were introduced not an extended time ago. they’re aimed toward helping YouTubers to fill the gaps in their content plan and to please their subscribers with short updates, during a way Facebook or Instagram do. Not an actual ad from a technical viewpoint, a YouTube Story are often as annoying. Especially when it comes uninvited, heavily promoted within the best YouTube traditions, from someone we don’t know, and during a language that we don’t even speak! unable to autoplay (yet), such stories clutter the interface and convey even more distraction into using the platform.

How To Block Youtube Ads Android Device?

Because of the way mobile apps are designed, AdBlock can’t block ads in the Defualt YouTube app but there are ways to watch youtube video on different applications without ads. Today, i’m going to tell you about 3 different methods to block youtube ads android device:

1. Youtube Vanced – Best Method:

YouTube Vanced is a modded version of YouTube that’s very Popular within the Android community. It adds variety of features that you simply will never find within the official YouTube app from Google. Things like built-in adblocking, background playback without YouTube Premium, black/dark themes, and far more. This hub has everything you would like to urge YouTube Vanced up and running.

So why do you have to install YouTube Vanced? alongside the features listed above, Vanced may be a major improvement over the official YouTube app.

Let me explain about all the Best features of youtube vanced app:

  1. Background Playback: With YouTube Vanced, you can play any video while using any other app. You can even play videos while your phone is locked. This background playback feature is one of the best things about YouTube Vanced.
  2. Adblock: YouTube Vanced comes with an inbuilt adblocker. This means that you need to add additional apps just to remove all the unnecessary ads on YouTube. Not only does it remove the ads from videos, but it also removes the extra annoying ads on the homepage. But if you still want to support a channel by watching the ads on their videos, you can do so. You can customize the settings of the adblocker at any time while using YouTube Vanced.
  3. HDR Playback: Many phone devices are locked from running YouTube in HDR mode. YouTube Vanced can force your device to run the HDR mode videos if your phone has an HDR-enabled display. This dramatically increases the quality of the videos that you are watching through the app.
  4. Picture in Picture Video: With YouTube Vanced, you can minimize a video that you are watching while you browse through the rest of YouTube. This picture-in-picture feature allows you to even change the style of the minimized window to your liking.

YouTube Vanced has many other advanced and great features, but the ones listed above are the best features it offers.

Here are the steps to download youtube vanced for your android device:

  1. Download the latest Vanced Manager from here on your Android device.
  2. Install the app and open it.
  3. Make sure to select “non-root” during the initial configuration wizard.
  4. Tap “Install” next to MicroG.
  5. Follow the instructions to allow installing from unknown apps.
  6. MicroG will download and then you’ll tap “Install” when it’s ready.
  7. Next, tap “Install” next to Vanced.
  8. Select your preferred theme and tap “NEXT”.
  9. Select your preferred language and tap “FINISH”.
  10. Vanced will download and you’ll tap “Install” when it’s ready.
  11. Success!
Youtube Vanced Manager

2. Use an Ad-free Browser for Android:

Ad-free browsers redirect the entire traffic through their servers allowing users to not be targeted by marketers as within the conventional browser sessions. Applications of this sort are available on both Google Play and third-party app markets, and there’s quite selection of options. Among the foremost used and trusted ones, there are Brave Browser, Bromite, AVG Browser, Ghostery Privacy Browser, then forth. what’s common for all of them may be a sort of features, including but not limited to a tracker blocker, ad blocker, built-in VPN, and Incognito mode. Adblocking functionality of those web browsers is typically sufficient for enjoying the YouTube content without ads and interruptions.

Naturally, there also are major limitations. These utilities only block ads within an internet browser session in order that they aren’t ready to affect adverts in Android apps and games, including the YouTube app. Plus, most folks have already got a favorite browser, filled with bookmarks, saved passwords, add-ons, and other signs of personalization. With an ad-free browser you’ll need to start adjusting everything everywhere again, and, to be fair, none of them offer such a variety of customization features as conventional web browsers.

Ad-Free Browser For Android

3. Newpipe – a free youtube client:

NewPipe has been created with the purpose of getting the original YouTube experience on your smartphone without annoying ads and questionable permissions.

The application is open source and you can check on it at GitHub.

” NewPipe does not use any Google framework libraries, nor the YouTube API. Websites are only parsed to fetch required info, so this app can be used on devices without Google services installed. Also, you don’t need a YouTube account to use NewPipe, which is copylefted libre software. “

  • Download video/audio straight from the player and set its title.
  • Privacy oriented, no proprietary Google APIs, etc.
  • Play in background
  • Popup player
  • Import/Export local subscriptions
  • Create playlists
  • Open a video in Kodi
  • Lightweight etc.

How To Download And Install NewPipe App?

Through F–Droid:

Step 1: Download F–Droid App. F-Droid is an Android Play Store alternative that only offers Free of cost, open-source apps.

Step 2: Search for NewPipe App and install it.

NewPipe APK Download:

Step 1: Go to Setting> Go on Security > Enable download from Unknown Source.

Step 2: Search for NewPipe APK Download in your browser or Download from here Install and run the application.

How to Support YouTube Creators?

Let’s catch on out of the way right up front: Do YouTube creators need your support? Things haven’t been going well for several of them lately. Following a series of changes in YouTube’s ad policy over the past year, fewer channels are showing ads lately. On the opposite hand, people who are may soon show even more ads.

One question that’s often asked is “Do YouTubers make money if you skip the ad?” Nope. you’ve got to observe the ad all the way through. And in an age when YouTube creators often abuse viewers with too many (and unskippable) ads, blocking ads may be a choice many viewers make with a transparent conscience. But what if you would like to support your favorite YouTubers, but you would like an ad-free YouTube on other channels? you’ll do this easily with AdBlock.

Why is there no way of blocking ads on the native YouTube app?

To remove ads from applications that use secure connections (e.g., HTTPS), the ad blocker must launch a MITM attack, replacing the application’s security certificates with its certificate.

But since the newest Android update for Nougat, all applications targeting API level 24 and above (YouTube is one among these applications) distrust certificates hosted within the user’s trust store. this suggests that the videos on the YouTube app won’t play if we attempt to replace its security certificate with our own to get rid of ads.